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Process of downloading Instagram Video by Link;

  • Firstly, we have to open Instagram and search for the video we want to save. Then, after finding the video we need to, we need to tap on the three dots in the right upper corner of it. , we need to choose “copy link” option.
  • Secondly, After copying the link, We need to go back to our Instagram downloading app which we have downloaded through” this link.

    After opening the app, we need to paste the link which we have copied earlier.
  • Thirdly, After pasting the link, the video will start downloading, and it will complete its downloading within seconds. Then, the video finally will be saved in our gallery, and we can share that or post it anyway we want to.

Worrying on How to Download INSTAGRAM Video?


If you want to download Instagram videos, not by asking the author to resend that to you, and you want to download it on its original quality? And all you want is to save this Instagram video on your mobile phone safely and securely. So, how's it possible? Let's see;

All we need to do is download an Instagram video saver tool. So, by downloading this app on your phone, no matter which mobile and which software you are using, you can easily use the Instagram video saver tool to save all your favorite videos and can watch it as many times as you want.

The best way or website used for downloading Instagram video links is given down. Check it out;

There are several basic ideas of why to use Instagram Video Downloader in reality. It is not just a tool for professional marketers, it is often used for many other purposes as well.

Questions often arise, Why do we want to download Instagram Videos?

  1.  Downloading for Motivation  

Many people use Instagram apps, just to follow their Ideals, heroes, leaders . So, they try to follow each and everything which their ideals are doing and posting on Instagram. They actually get inspired as well as motivated by seeing videos on Instagram which enhances their creativity as well as continuity for their progress and well-being.

 It sometimes happens that we see a video on Instagram and want to save it, in our gallery. There will be various reasons for which we want to save it. It might be because we like its content, seems Useful, nice, want to rewatch it again and want to post it somewhere else. So, this usually happens in our day to day lives. 

2. Truly useful Instagram videos,

The second main reason people are using Instagram Video Downloader is to get something useful.  You can see various brilliant as well as knowledgeable contents in this type of tool. They might not be real but the way they presented it, motivated us a lot to do that.

  For example ; We are following our favorite Chef on Instagram. He had posted a new dish recipe that looks great and tasty, and you want to try to make it; therefore you wanted to save that video instantly, so you need this downloading app for this.

 3. For saving our Profile Videos

Another reason which is critical for using Instagram downloading app is that through this we can see our own content video as many times we want, no matter of any time boundaries, as this will not get vanish within 24hours, but will remain in our Mobile phone one's downloaded until we delete it by our own.

4. To save more than one content at the same time.

 If we want to save more than one content in our phone at the same time, we can use this app.

 Imagine two situations. First one — a big conference was held yesterday by your company. And second — you’ve had a big wedding party. In both cases, you need to download Instagram videos to save and reuse all the content published by guests of these events. In the conference's case, high-quality videos for business goals, and in the wedding case, private Instagram videos for memories.

There are many questions like;

Can I download videos in bulk with this Video Downloader, Instagram?

No, only one by one. This Instagram video downloader can not download videos in bulk. We advise you to paste all the links from several accounts to the videos you need to download into a document, and then use this document to paste links one by one to the Instagram Video Downloader. This will be faster and much simpler, and you won’t miss any.

So, there are many ways to download and use this app. All we need to do is to use the best with a better quality, and more options available.

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