The Best Games for Two People on One PC
January 25, 2024

The Best Games for Two People on One PC

Of course, it’s fun to play alone, especially if you can access the Teen Patti spin game or Sims 4. But what if you want to play with your partner or friends?

Which hits will help you compete with strength, and which ones will help you build your teamwork skills? Chaos in the kitchen, jailbreak, adventures of woolen balls, and bosses — that’s what you can play together if you have only one computer and one monitor available.

Games for Two People on One PC

A Way Out

The action of the game takes place in the 1970s. Two prisoners, Vincent and Leo, have to escape from prison by working together. Each player controls one of the characters. They have different personalities and different approaches to solving the same problems, so you will often have to choose which character to agree with.

Two men face different tasks. They have to steal a chisel, dismantle a toilet, punch a hole in the wall, drive a boat, or simultaneously stun two guards. Along the way, players learn about the protagonists’ past and the events that led them to prison.

You can’t play A Way Out alone. You need to keep an eye on each other, cooperate, and discuss your next actions.

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It Takes Two

Cody and May are on the verge of divorce. Their young daughter makes a wish for their parents to be together again, and a strange magic transfers Cody and May’s consciousness into wooden dolls made by the girl.

The plot reflects the dynamic between the characters and their perception of their child, and the mechanics encourage communication and cooperative efforts. The couple must overcome many obstacles to regain their human form.

Complex puzzles must be solved, which can only be done with two people, which is why It Takes Two only has a co-op mode. 

Outward: Definitive Edition

After a shipwreck, the hero, who has lost everything, is forced to pay off his family’s debts in order not to lose his home. Left penniless, he takes any job he can get and soon finds himself caught up in the conflict between the ruling factions and a war with an otherworldly force called the Whip.

Outward is a role-playing survival simulator. You need to monitor your character’s hunger, fatigue, thirst, and temperature. He can catch a cold or be imprisoned. There is magic in the game, but it’s difficult to obtain, and the increase in characteristics is available only after completing certain tasks or learning from experts.

The help of a friend will make passing Outward more comfortable. For example, players can pump out different skills and combine them in battle.

Gears 5

The action of the fifth part takes place a few months after the events of Gears of War 4. Kate Diaz goes on a journey to find out the truth about her family’s past. She will be accompanied by Delmont Walker and the flying robot Jack. Characters from past parts will appear in separate episodes as the story progresses.

The story campaign of Gears 5 can be played by three players, with one of them controlling the robot Jack. He can detect nearby enemies, stun them, and resurrect their partners. To turn the tide of battle, you can use ultimatum abilities such as freezing or a death marker that increases damage to enemies.

You can play in co-op both online and on a split screen of one monitor. Besides the story, there are battles against waves of opponents, passing the level at speed and other modes to choose from.

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Magicka 2

A sequel to the original Magicka, released in 2015. The plot is still just as filled with humor, references to modern pop culture, magic, and chaos. Players will play as wizards who need to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and destroy enemies by combining spells of different elements. There are over a thousand abilities to choose from.

Magicka 2 can be played with a group of up to four people. There is a story campaign, challenges, and confrontation where you need to compete with other wizards in the application of spells in the Arena.

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